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Government Involvement, Law and Individual Rights

What happens when the government bails out or gives money to an individual or corporation for any reason.   There is usually a motivation that is justifiable on the surface by some popular event or sentiment.  But what is the constitutional standard on which it is based as envisioned by the the nation's founders?  The most common rational for government officials agreeing to participate in a private venture is economic development.  Isn't this in reality a way for the private enterprise to pass their risk to taxpayers?

Do today's politicians know what the standard and purpose of the constitution is?  Do they even care?   Public officials at all levels of government should be limited in their power.  That was and is the purpose of the constitution.  Of the various levels of government the federal level should have the least power.

There are two basic types of law that governments operate from.  Rulers law where all laws and rights come from the monarch or ruling body and peoples law where the people authorize the laws according to the rights afforded them by God. America was founded with the idea of people's law based on the philosophy of individual liberties and inalienable rights are gifts.  Ruler's law is just what it sounds like.  Someone making the rules they like and their subjects have no real rights to speak of. They are arbitrary and can even be whimsical depending on the monarch. The constitutional nature of a law as we know it depends on the effect it has on the liberty or rights of the citizens.  Does it infringe on individual's rights or take their property?

A king or government oligarchy acting with usurped authority makes laws by decree or whim according to no set of prescribed principles.  Because they have control of an army or police force they can enforce their decrees with threats of violence and retaliation against any rebellion.  In the case of ruler's law be it one or several, they will do what ever the bounds of their surroundings will allow them in order to retain their positions of power and authority.   A king will kill, politicians will lie and make promises they have no power to really keep and hope that no one notices.  The latter takes advantage of the gullibility of the populace and the former doesn't care.

In the second place politicians have no authority to give money to anyone that isn't applied on an equal standard to all citizens of the body they govern.  In the first place they have no money to give. The government has no money of its own at all.  Of course they do print money at the federal level that has no real value other than the confidence we give it. That course of action however has serious consequences when done under the wrong circumstances. Other than that they have to take it under threat of force through a collection agency.  Any government involvement in business or individual affairs may be sponsored by the people's representatives however if they were upholding their oath they would not do it.

When any civic leader at any level of government uses the citizen's money to support any type of business and excludes others they are acting in a manner that creates special favors.  When they justify their actions putting the citizen's funds at risk they are violating their stewardship of their power.  Why do they think they can speculate with public money ?

If the projects they promote would not be undertaken by any group of serious minded investors why should the government do it?  The reason business owners seek this arrangement is so they can limit their risks. If one community won't accommodate them they go to the next. There is usually some form of compensation to the politicians that help them accomplish their purposes.  It just may not ever be known or be known and still be legal.  

We should not forget that the politician took an oath to uphold the constitution. If he or she knows little or nothing about it; what happens?  Does that excuse him or her or us?  That depends on how quick you want to lose your liberties and rights as they are mortgaged and taken away by degrees through taxes and and expanded bureaucracy.  One step at a time year after year until decades have past, we find ourselves mired in layers of administrative law and spending patterns financed with debt and few in the citizenry willing or knowing how to reverse the trend.

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