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Politics and the corruption of our government

Many point to the corporate world and the occasional tycoons that manifest greedy and corrupt behavior.  There also exist the unknown numbers of people that steal from the companies they work for.  There are plenty of examples of people taking advantage of others in many unethical and dishonest ways.  Sometimes they are not found out right away but they do usually get caught.  At the same time I don't think it would be reasonable to say that 100 percent of crooked businessmen are caught 100 percent of the time.   
The United States government is also subject to the follies of the humans that get elected and the appointments and hirings that result in the course of expanding it. In fact one of the main purposes of the constitution was to limit the ability of these people to take away our freedom by expanding their desire for power through government. Looking at the current state of affairs and looking over the past 10 decades of operation we see a pattern of corruption that would n…