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Freedom's Foundation and the Family

The existence of freedom is dependent on the ability to perpetuate its ideals so that they are taught and remembered from generation to generation.  The idea that freedom rests on natural law cannot be ignored.  

The Declaration of Independence refers to the existence of natural law and this observation developed from influential thinkers prior to its writing.  All government must be based on certain principles imbedded in the nature of man's existence.  The most natural of all institutions is the Family.  Without the ability to govern and learn principles of truth and see them modeled in the home and family unit, the door to unlimited government opens to swallow the void as dysfunctional attributes and moral loss expand in society.

Failing to implement in the homes and families of a society those ideals and principles for peace and prosperity will render a society subject to the whims of politicians and the amorality and the whims and opinions of whoever speaks loudly and often.  W…