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Freedom, Capitalism, Caring For The Poor

No nation that is based on the principles of socialism ever established itself or came into existence on that ideology.  Socialist governments have always been built on the wealth established by capitalism or the enslaving of people to build infrastructure and build wealth for the government officials.  
Socialism is the corruption of capitalism and free markets when citizens who think they are of a more elevated status gain control of governments for their own purposes.  The transition is from wealth of citizens created through the free market to government officials that usurp the same wealth from the citizens to grow government and create for themselves positions of wealth and power.
There is no freedom of the individual or inalienable rights from God as socialism is based on a godless ideology.  Those that rule do so for the sole purpose of maintaining order for the purpose of their ambitions and position at the top of the social structure.  There is no creation of wealth because we…

The Free Market is the best way to prosperity and the way out of poverty

Protecting and establishing economic freedom is the precursor to all freedoms and rights. This is how we acquire property and this along with the protecting of our inalienable rights is the foundational reason for creating government. In the days when all had some necessity to provide their own food, each person faced the challenge of providing for their families.  Each had property and protected it for their ongoing benefit.  As we have shifted from the agrarian culture, the basic premise is still the same except that our labors usually benefit us as we serve someone else either as a laborer or a provider of a service or product.  

We produce wealth as we seek more efficient ways to provide for our needs and wants.  While the equation of millions of people producing millions of things can seem quite complex it is really a mostly simple observation.  There is a natural current to it that ebbs and flows according to demands and the subsequent supplying of those demands.  As ambitious pe…

Morality and Society

Do we as citizens and our leaders in government ask ourselves what would really make a difference in our society to make it better? Don't so many politicians think they want to make the world a better place?  Don't many individuals as well say that they want to change the world and fix the problems we face?  

The fact is, the course we are on will change very little until our leaders have the moral authority to invite others to a higher standard without legislation and compulsion. A pertinent question is if we want our society led by people that have shown discipline in all areas of their life or by the undisciplined?

If we are to solve problems we have to look at root causes and stop focusing on symptoms.  We need to look at the powers that move us in the world and see if we can make changes to move us in the direction of peace. We must understand natural law and how it works in our universe.  

The automobile is not designed with man made traffic laws in mind.  It is made to rec…