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Individual Rights, Liberty and Inalienable Rights

Government is the power given to a group or individual to act on the behalf of its citizens.  It is the people employing representatives and others to carry out their wishes.   As soon as the people stop paying attention to what their representatives are doing they will begin to lose their freedom and their rights.  That is the natural progression of human nature and freedom.  This is what the founding fathers sought to stop with the Constitution and the recognition and need to preserve our unalienable rights as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.
Oppression and tyranny has been the direction of almost any government or kingdom for the fact that there will always be those that seek for power and authority over their fellow citizens.  To think that the founders of this nation came together at all in the period that they did and established a form of government that has withstood the internal attacks on freedom longer than any existing constitution at the present time is consid…

The Declaration of Independence

The first two paragraphs of the "The Declaration of Independence" contain some of the most succinct declarations of the purposes and principles of freedom ever written.   In those declarations Thomas Jefferson outlines the self evident truths of man's rights and that the source of those rights being the Creator.  The God of nature and of all creation.  It is in essence a mission statement for a new nation.

The political philosophies in today's world pretty much revolve around whether one believes that rights come from God according to eternal principles of freedom, or from man governing over other men at their whims and discretion by political position or dominance.

What is the difference?  There are really only two kinds of governments.  Self governance and government by rulers.  Self governance implies that people will have a voice and appoint representatives with some limited authority to look after the affairs of a nation and create just laws enforced with fairness…

The Purpose of Government

The United States of America is a nation established by purposeful decision.  The Constitutional Convention was held to ammend the Articles of Confederation.  The founders realized that to enshrine the principles of liberty and justice in a written Constitution and Bill of Rights would require starting over. The preamble succinctly articulates the purpose of our government.
The checks and balances put in place by the founders have met with serious abuse over the centuries after their establishment. The “federal” government formed to benefit the states and keep them sovereign now encroaches in almost every aspect of life of most citizens through direct taxes and regulation.  It also now repeatedly seeks to dictate its will to the state governments.   It has become in effect a “central” government with an oligarchy of entrenched politicians.
The Declaration of Independence establishes the following principles:
1.      The concept of self-evident truth and natural law. 2.      Unalienable r…