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Tragedies in LIfe

Twenty children were killed at a school in Connecticut last week.  It is devastating beyond reason to those affected directly and various emotions and reactions are brought to bear by those of us affected indirectly.   Learning by proxy is one of life's great teachers no matter how sad the lesson.  

We all like to think that we  can be a force for justice in the world. We somehow think that our sense of justice is the right one. After all it is wrong for someone to kill innocent children and unarmed adults, right?  Do we realize that in order for justice to exist, injustice must likewise be a present given option?
Many years ago when I had a two year old son, a family of our fellow church members also had a two year old son.  Their son found his way to a nearby canal, fell in and drowned.  The call had previously gone out that he was missing. I remember the anguish we all felt in not knowing what had happened.  When his little body was discovered we were all extremely saddened.  I f…