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Life Cycles-The Breakaway

Life Cycles-The Breakaway
It is fun to ride a bike, but anyone who has watched a cycling event on TV knows that it can drag for a long time. 
It consists of many helicopter shots of beautiful scenery, a big pack of cyclists and some English guy talking nonstop as he tries to make it exciting. 
There is something though that makes a bicycle race exciting, it is called the breakaway.  These are the risk takers, the guys that feel extra perky on any given day. 
These are the guys that say I can ride faster and longer than all the other top professional cyclists in the world for 4 to 5 hours usually over a course of at least 100 miles. 
They may lead the race until only a few miles are left and yet most of the time these guys get sucked back into the pack and no one knows what happens to them.   
On occasion however their risk pays off and they win the race.  
I compare these guys to the entrepreneurs in life.   Statisticians say that eight out of 10 small businesses fail on the first 18…