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The Purpose of Freedom and Natural Law

Why do bad things happen to good people and it's companion question of why do good things happen to bad people continue to be a mystery to most people. Philosophers and theologians have contemplated it for thousands of years. The effect of freedom and the result of having the opportunity to make choices creates the diversity of situations and consequences that affect our lives.
Tyranny is the suppression of freedom and choice.  God does not enforce his laws by tyranny as some have fallaciously implied.  He has instead placed us here to be free to choose our path in mortality and at the present time we don't receive the full impact of our choices, that least based on the good and evil of their intent.  At some future time however the full measure of the consequences of our actions will be ours to account for.  God's purpose is to improve our character by leading us, not ruling our life by force.  This is one reason that bad things happen to almost everyone.
Misguided politici…