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When I was about 31 years old I wrote two essays to myself.  This was before the days of blogs obviously so I had nobody to share it with,  nor did I care to at the time because they were clarifying messages for my life's purpose.  One of those essays was my version of the "Law of the Harvest".  The other was not really titled but more of a long journal entry that I simply called the P's of life.  Preparation which includes planning, purpose,perspective, patterns, pursuit.
I was engaged in my regular occupation and also associating with people pursuing personal development in the typical fashion of listening to speakers with an ambitious plan.  They wanted to sell a dream or sell us on our own dreams or get us to dream.   While dreams are good they are as they say only wishes until you write them down, or maybe a goal is only a wish until you make a plan to accomplish it.
I somehow came to the conclusion that I could make out of life what I wanted by thinking about th…