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Truth is The Fundamental Existence of All Things

As we chart our course through life we must keep in mind that truth is the the fundamental existence of all things. We are truth.  
Our life becomes a living truth no matter how we act.  It has been described in phrases such as "I am that I am" or "I think therefore I am". The fact is that we are actual beings and we are acting out our desires.  

The elemental unchanging facts of existence rolled into everything that is seen or unseen, temporary or eternal, this is our opportunity to search and learn what we can.

In the process of learning truth we theorize, but theory is not truth. Just because we think does not make our thoughts harmonious with the supremacy of eternal truth. If we choose to become or remain an island in our own opinions, truth from outside sources will elude us.

If and when we recognize that even though as individuals we seem to each be a micro-cog, we are in an eternal round of truth. We are the reason for this creation, it is not a random act.


Becoming Better-The Goal Of Life

March 11, 2015

The other morning my 17 year old son said. ”The new boats came out today”.  He likes to wakeboard and surf with friends and family that have boats.  I loved water skiing when I was his age and for many decades after. I thought that is great, what is the difference between the new boat and the old boat?  We don’t have a boat nor do we plan on getting one.   So I wasn’t sure why he mentioned it. He told me some of the differences and what you could buy for 100K plus. 

Out of curiosity I am also reading his psychology class book with him as he begins his senior year.  I am being reminded of what I had learned and forgotten from my earlier years.  The wonder of how neurons are stimulated and electrochemical connections of dumping into the synaptic cleft cause us to move.  If we could only behold the full wonder of our brain and the way it houses our mind.
My thoughts went back to my personal experience with new and better things.  My first brand new car was a 1986 Mercury Sabl…