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The Law of the Harvest-Freedom and Behavior

The Law of the Harvest-Freedom and Behavior
When we make a good choice over a bad one or a better one over a good one we elevate our character to a higher level.    Think of what the "Law of the Harvest" means if we think of our choices as seeds of our present and future.   
We have been placed in an environment (this earth) where we are agents of behavior. We are each a seed of potential eternal increase.  God has planted us in the earth.   The law says that a seed will produce indefinitely as its seeds are harvested and replanted.  A seed does not produce another single seed when planted.  It produces a plant which in turn produces a field of plants itself.  
We are constantly choosing between opposing behaviors which are successively better or worse. This freedom or agency as we might call it is comparable to the concept of an agent in sports.  A free agent is a player that does not have a contract.  He can negotiate and choose a team that will hire him.  Once he has signed …