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How government programs limit individual progress

What is the potential of every human being?  How do we know or find out? What determines how a person pursues their life's ambition?   Freedom is the only answer I can think of.   How can a person achieve anything unless they are free?  How can they be free unless they have choices?
What is the power that causes a free person to act. It is initiative. Initiative is the result of faith. It is the element of believing that achievement of some kind is possible.   If the initiative of individuals in society is suppressed by force, regulation or taxation of any kind there is a negative effect on the productivity of that society. Suppression stifles faith, self worth and therefore initiative and personal responsibility.
Think of the reasons that is slavery wrong?  To have prejudgment or holding other people in a lower esteem than oneself.  To keep another in bondage and suppress their choices in a society that offers equal opportunity for work and learning is contradictory.   This is what…

Government Involvement, Law and Individual Rights

What happens when the government bails out or gives money to an individual or corporation for any reason.   There is usually a motivation that is justifiable on the surface by some popular event or sentiment.  But what is the constitutional standard on which it is based as envisioned by the the nation's founders?  The most common rational for government officials agreeing to participate in a private venture is economic development.  Isn't this in reality a way for the private enterprise to pass their risk to taxpayers?
Do today's politicians know what the standard and purpose of the constitution is?  Do they even care?   Public officials at all levels of government should be limited in their power.  That was and is the purpose of the constitution.  Of the various levels of government the federal level should have the least power.
There are two basic types of law that governments operate from.  Rulers law where all laws and rights come from the monarch or ruling body and peop…