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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Freedom in America

Our freedoms are rooted in the values of family life. The generational commitments to being good citizens are taught at home. Do we want leaders that preserve them or not?
Trump may not represent the moral high ground but he isn't trying to tear it down or remove it as part of his platform. It is easy to mark a public figure at their worst and hold it over their head and some fanatics will. Trump's lewd confessions and infidelities are not excusable but they are forgivable if he has changed. To not vote for him will give Hillary dynamite and a bulldozer get rid of moral ground altogether. 

The Clinton agenda and platform can't be built on such grounds and the eventual removal of anything with the word moral in it is their objective. There are those that judge religious liberty as a hindrance to their agenda and Hillary is their representative.
Where do the values of leaders like Hillary and Bill Clinton and many others come from? Who are the cultural trendsetters that h…

Ruminations, Reminitions and 2016 Presidential Politics

How do you qualify someone for the office of president? Can we ever get or know all of the facts in an election? It is not very likely.

The information overload, biased media reports and planned spinning of events doesn't make it easy to evaluate the effects on freedom by a candidate's expressions and platforms.

As I think about this current race for the White House, I remember some past observations I had as I watched other elections.

I remember very well when Bill Clinton was running for president. His personal morality was pretty much set forth before the American people.

Americans would never elect such a person president would they? How could such a person be trusted if he doesn’t have moral integrity? How is it that lying and cheating just seem to slide off the backs of the Clinton's and their voting block doesn't care?
When he was elected the second time I was certain that the country and maybe the world would end.  It didn’t.  It was obvious however that the Am…

Politicians, Freedom, Marriage and Individual Rights

Given the loss of private and public morality how do we judge a politician?  Since this country is about freedom, I guess that is where we should go with the discussion. 
Does a particular politician represent a "force shift" or a "freedom shift"?  Are they career power seekers or concerned citizens capable of serving for a time in governmental office?  We can and must judge the motives of people that are seeking public office. If they are elected will we have preserved freedom or lost it?
A good litmus test of a policy or ideology is to ponder what the results would be if everyone did it.   If somehow the US had the resources to finance every person's basic necessities. What would the result be?
What does it mean to be selfish? Taking from the rich or producer and giving to the poor or non-producer?  Is it selfish to take from the next generation and give it to the present?
A portion of our society would seek to consider all things as amoral and remove God from th…