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The Free Market is the best way to prosperity and the way out of poverty

Protecting and establishing economic freedom is the precursor to all freedoms and rights. This is how we acquire property and this along with the protecting of our inalienable rights is the foundational reason for creating government. In the days when all had some necessity to provide their own food, each person faced the challenge of providing for their families.  Each had property and protected it for their ongoing benefit.  As we have shifted from the agrarian culture, the basic premise is still the same except that our labors usually benefit us as we serve someone else either as a laborer or a provider of a service or product.  

We produce wealth as we seek more efficient ways to provide for our needs and wants.  While the equation of millions of people producing millions of things can seem quite complex it is really a mostly simple observation.  There is a natural current to it that ebbs and flows according to demands and the subsequent supplying of those demands.  As ambitious people study these principles and discover the needs and wants of society they work motivated by the fact that they can make a profit and keep it. 

If you think about somethings in context of history and look at the many things we enjoy in our day and age it is almost amazing beyond belief.   Twenty-five years ago only the wealthiest enjoyed the convenience of a phone in their car.    This phone however had many faults and glitches as to when and where it could be used.   Today almost every kid over 11 and most people on the street have a phone in their pocket.   In some countries that have developed the technology to its highest level there are no dead spots for cell service.  That first phone cost 5,000 dollars and dollars per minute of use. Today they cost upwards from $50 depending on the service agreement and usage is unlimited.

Computers are much the same.  Ten years ago a laptop cost 5,000 dollars for a good one.  Today they start at 500 for a model that is 20 times more powerful.  Today the average person can book an airline flight to any where in the US for under $300.00 and under $700.00 to many destinations in the world if they shop carefully.  Other things like housing, automobiles, insurance and healthcare would be similarly inexpensive if the government, often influenced by lobbies and special interests, hadn't manipulated the system that allows for goods and services to be abundant and cheap.  That system is the free market where the laws of supply and demand work in harmony to provide for the needs and wants of every person willing to participate actively in it both in working to produce them and using those goods and services produced by others.

The airline industry is affordable even though it has been subject to much regulation. Fortunately some were smart enough to know that it would be better of with less government interference.  From 1978 to 1984 when it was deregulated the prices fell and have since been set by mostly by market competition and almost anyone can afford to fly.  A round trip ticket to most destinations in the U.S.A. can be purchased for less than $300.00 on a special sale.

On the subject of flying we should mention the TSA.  This again is politicians at their best or maybe their worst.   It is using a crisis to take away freedom under the guise of protecting us.  To think the TSA is necessary is to say that the free market cannot protect its interests and that the government some how can.  I should distinguish between the role of government as a protector against foreign invaders as opposed to the type of operation the TSA is.  If we suppose for a moment the irrational idea that airlines are not concerned about the safety of their customers, they surely must be concerned about their airplanes.  If one of them blows up then they lose in a big way.  If it happens again nobody will fly on their airline.  The TSA has no accountability or motivation to provide security other than the political fall out that would come if they did not. The inefficiencies of this agency are the same as with all government agencies over time. 

If the government protected our borders with the technology available to them then airline security should not be an issue that is difficult to deal with.  Because our justice system has become corrupted and  the law breakers are not speedily punished we place more soldiers and police officers in harms way.  America is merciful because of its good heart.  Its government is like plaque in the veins when it meddles in affairs that it shouldn't and fails to do what it should.  Every person that breaks the law and does not receive justice places those that enforce it in increasing danger as disrespect for the law increases.

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