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How government programs limit individual progress

What is the potential of every human being?  How do we know or find out? What determines how a person pursues their life's ambition?   Freedom is the only answer I can think of.   How can a person achieve anything unless they are free?  How can they be free unless they have choices?

What is the power that causes a free person to act. It is initiative. Initiative is the result of faith. It is the element of believing that achievement of some kind is possible.   If the initiative of individuals in society is suppressed by force, regulation or taxation of any kind there is a negative effect on the productivity of that society. Suppression stifles faith, self worth and therefore initiative and personal responsibility.

Think of the reasons that is slavery wrong?  To have prejudgment or holding other people in a lower esteem than oneself.  To keep another in bondage and suppress their choices in a society that offers equal opportunity for work and learning is contradictory.   This is what politicians do as a matter of standard practice in legislating entitlements.  What happens when politicians in government or appointed bureaucrats determine that one group of people is needs charity or assistance.  First they have no way of determining such a matter.  If they did have some superior ability to judge, how is it they gain this profound affection for less fortunate citizens because of their position of authority?

All the so called war on poverty has done is limit people to poverty.  Ignoring the free market and natural law will ruin a society and an economy.   Wealth in a nation or society is not achieved on false principles.  Taking from the willing workers and giving to the poor is not a new idea and it has not ever worked by government control.  Wealth can only be gained and distributed on principles of work, initiative and personal charity of an unforced nature. 

Those promoting the imbalance of wealth and opportunity in society can only blame the failing of social policies that have been implemented over the last hundred years or so.  What is going on in society today is not the result of capitalism.  We have had a state controlled economy with expanding entitlements for over a century.  Taxes, regulations and monetary policies can and have been changed at the whim of politicians.

If a person is not free to choose their course in life because government officials deem that they are not capable of making those decisions then a state of suppression is created when they are given money for food and housing?   

To be enslaved is to have your freedoms restrained by some force of another, to have a master. Instead of working only for food and board as slaves of old, some citizens today are paid not to participate in the economy and to not produce anything. They are in effect being paid to live a mediocre life.  Those in government that promote such payments tout their acts as some kind of charitable gift.  Initiative is suppressed and the lack of productivity is justified as not necessary to provide for oneself. In the end they serve neither themselves or others. 

Government programs whether through unemployment benefits, food stamps, free medicine, social security, subsidized housing, or even certain government jobs take productivity out of the economy.   Somebody has to pay for them.  Government can only give after it takes. When a person does not work when they are physically and mentally able to do so is to poison their self worth. Perhaps a temporary setback of some kind led them to lean on available government aid. Misguided politicians and programs have found a way to make it permanent.

By becoming dependent on an income from the government this group is induced to not work or produce. They become in their mind unable to succeed except for the continuation of the poverty stricken lifestyle their government has offered them.  When a person's life is reduced to food, clothing, shelter of a meager subsistence, their creativity is limited if not stifled completely. Other activities that further drain society often result. 

The government distributing the wealth of others at their discretion can not increase beyond a certain level nor be sustained indefinitely with out bankrupting either the government or the group they are taking the wealth from.  Can we trust a government to manage the affairs of a person's life? Why would we even consider it when they have a track record of abuse and waste on the grandest scale of any enterprise.

The people that the government is taking money from also become enslaved to support that portion of society that won't work. They become the workforce that allows the government to continue the oppression of the underclass. It is by taking from those with initiative, working at all odds because of their ethic and personal responsibility, that the ruling class has the ability to limit the freedom of the group either unable or unwilling to work as explained.

How long can a scheme like this work. Until the group paying the bills stops seeing any benefit to their labor. Then the whole system will fall apart or fail in some other fashion.  It will eventually return to the natural order where personal responsibility and initiative are rewarded for their efforts.  For now however, unsound financial practices involving debt financing and manipulating the money supply continue to prop up the failing ideology of unsound practices implemented over the last 100 years or so. 

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