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Relationship Success-What Does Love Have to do With It?

February 14, 2016

The month of February puts the topic of love on everybody's mind?  Millions or perhaps billions are spent reminding us, selling us and then going to buy the goods of Cupid. 

The world keeps us moving at a fast paced superficial level if we let it. Most people I ask don't even know how Valentine's day became a celebrated event and what it has to do with love.

What is this emotion, feeling, connection and most importantly the virtue we call love? What is its impact on the world?  How can one word have such a broad spectrum of actions and emotions associated with it?  Even to say that some seem to "love evil".

In the next 120 plus years six billion or so people will die from all causes. It will happen to someone we love if it hasn't already. No amount of mortal love can or will stop it from happening. 

This for the most part happens so subtly and quietly on an individual basis that only a circle of friends or family are affected at a time.  If we ar…

The Pursuit of Personal Development and Eternal Perspective

February 1, 2014

Personal development is a huge business. Gurus abound.  Most people want to get better at something or reduce stress in their life and need a teacher. Parts of truth can be shared in many ways and by many people.  Sometimes a person just needs to hear how great and unique they really are as an individual.  This can be a stepping stone to understanding one's potential.  The gurus are seeking to unlock performance and free people from the inhibitions that limit them.
Life coaches have proliferated in recent decades in part because corporations and individuals must compete in society. All these teachers can do is sell you on the idea of becoming better.  They do this either by using themselves or others as an example.  Some know how to teach certain aspects of it very well.

How well do they apply their own teachings? Success is really so subjective.  A teacher/coach/guru may have unsettled personal relationships yet achieve financial success and social status.  Are they…