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Infringement, Unalienable Rights and Individual Liberties

To begin this observation I would say that our current state of government in the United States of America is one that has all but left the constitution that founded it.   True it looks the same with three branches of government but they no longer act as a check on each other's powers and have continually usurped the power of the states that created it.   In fact some have called the vast administrative bureaucracy that manages the extensive reach of government a fourth  branch of government.  It is full of officials, none of which are elected, who can make rules that have the force and effect of law.

The people that have occupied federal public office either by election or by appointment have come to operate with complete disregard for the principles that established it and their obligation to check each other's actions according to it.  There are a few voices calling attention to the situation in congress however their effect is yet to have much persuasive force.  

Laws are no…