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Private life, Public Life and Moral Integrity

Talk show hosts and pundits are mocking Anthony Weiner, His actions are not the problem with politicians or others in the world today. They are a symptom of the problem. There is no doubt that the man is obsessed with sex and without knowing all of the details probably addicted to pornography. It is a very sad situation.
The basis for our freedom is our ability to govern ourselves, not the laws that we create to remove from society those that refuse to do so. This is the basis of our constitution. 

Self government begins at home in the most fundamental of commitments, marriage and family life. It comes from having a set of spiritual principles that dictate ones behavior when no one else is watching. If one can't be true to these they should not be public officials.  They have no ability to lead to anything worthwhile.
When a person loses their moral integrity and operates on such a standard they indeed become dangerous in some aspects. If they hold a position of power or authority wh…