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The newspaper reports this week that abortions are up 25% in Arizona this year. The Arizona Health Services department statistics show that total is 13,606 or 16 out of 100 live births. The number of abortions annually in the world consistently reach 40 million. 

What do these statistics indicate. Do they indicate an environment of affection and respect in the relationships that brought the pregnancy about? What are the unintended consequences of tampering with the processes of life with such impunity as abortion?  

In my post on Two Moral Codes and Social Challenges I point out as others have in the past, that certain events, topics and situations that we talk about on a regular basis as issues are not usually the actual problem, but a symptom of an underlying moral condition at its core or root.

Politicians like to treat symptoms because they can justify their misguided notions of solving something by ongoing rhetoric that sounds good to uniformed minds and simplistic thinkers.  They also fail to address the root cause of a problem, either because they do not identify it or they fear the backlash of criticism they will get when they are accused of trying to legislate morality.  

The ideals that I am advocating here I consider better solved through leadership and are not intended to promote legislation although I am not opposed to such laws.  They protect the innocent and reduce crime because the are counter to it.  The intent is to show that when parents teach their children correct principles and then exemplify them the world can be a better place.

In these debates it is not only the politicians but the activists as well, as it is these that create the firestorm of falsehoods that  the religious community wants to deny rights to a forsaken minority.   The forsaken in this case is the pregnant girl or woman. 

The promoters of abortion on demand will guard quietly the situation that led to  the desire to end the pregnancy.  They are simply called unintended pregnancies and any moral implications are ignored.  These moral issues have a deep impact on society, even when the cause is denied or ignored.

While the number of abortions is usually tracked, the circumstantial factors of the relationships are not. An example of this is California, which performs the largest number of abortions in the US and does not always comply with CDC reporting requirements. There are other states as well that do not.   

The other compiler of statistics is Planned Parenthood and we know they are not neutral or a willing provider of out of wedlock abortion statistics.  How can people say that a fetus isn't viable or human when they are selling its organs to treat other humans. 

We do know that very few abortions are the result of rape or incest, although that number surely rises as people become more coarsened in the pursuit of misguided sexual activity.   The activists imply that abortion is needed to take care of these situations. They insinuate the poverty of the mother or the unwanted child for failure to use proper birth control.   The poverty is only a problem when the mother is unhealthy or using drugs as the children could be adopted and much expense born by the adoptive parents.

The cause of most unwanted pregnancy is from sex out of wedlock in random or uncommitted relationships.  It happens because a society no longer takes procreation as a stewardship to be honored. It is treated as a recreational pursuit in what ever form it comes along. 

It is not esteemed as an act of intimate bonding based on committed long term relationships in marriage. Yet those that have experienced long term commitment do know of its validity.  So much depends on the culture we want to create.  Is it one of love and stability or instability attached to brutality and abuse which abortion is.

Since much of society today has heard little discussion of what a moral code might be, everything that might feel good sounds good to them.   If it doesn't cost them anything or if it brings them some form a pleasure then why not participate or take advantage of it.   People have have been conditioned not to think and would scarcely begin to consider the emotional trauma that abortion can cause to women that have one.   The healing process takes much time.

Some statistics may show that abortion numbers are declining in some regard and contraceptive use increasing is one of the reasons. Either way, promoting premarital, or extra-marital sex in media, or not explaining the consequences at home or in school only allows misguided notions to develop and encourages premature participation.  

This establishes a foundation for future abuse and depression is often developed around broken relationships. Self esteem can be doubted as drugs and alcohol are brought into the mix as one form of a coping mechanism as they seek relief from their troubled life.

The fact that society does not respect the powers that give life, certainly contributes to not respecting life.  Some speculate and rightly so that this practice and other actions taken by people in society demonstrate this sad fact by the number of domestic violence and child abuse cases.  

These most often occur in unstable environments beginning with ignorant attitudes or lack of understanding as to how their sexual involvement would create such feelings of hostility.  The same is true with divorce.  If we had a standard of not engaging in sexual relationships when it is not appropriate most of these consequences can be avoided.

Many participate unwillingly in the process of an abortion.  They made a mistake and now many voices shout at them as to how they can deal with it.   Those that advocate it as a form of birth control have no concern for the woman receiving it.  A certain section of society calls  for it in order to support their lack of moral values. 

We should not listen to them.  A legal and safe abortion to be prescribed by competent medical practitioners is all that should be available when it is determined that the physical or mental health of the woman is imperiled.  Carrying a child to term and adoption are much better options for the situations where abortion is now often used.

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