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Morality and Society

Do we as citizens and our leaders in government ask ourselves what would really make a difference in our society to make it better? Don't so many politicians think they want to make the world a better place?  Don't many individuals as well say that they want to change the world and fix the problems we face?  

The fact is, the course we are on will change very little until our leaders have the moral authority to invite others to a higher standard without legislation and compulsion. A pertinent question is if we want our society led by people that have shown discipline in all areas of their life or by the undisciplined?

If we are to solve problems we have to look at root causes and stop focusing on symptoms.  We need to look at the powers that move us in the world and see if we can make changes to move us in the direction of peace. We must understand natural law and how it works in our universe.  

The automobile is not designed with man made traffic laws in mind.  It is made to reckon with the laws of physics, particularly the force of gravity.  The motor, steering, tires, brakes are to give us control and the protective features are to protect us from the errors of human nature.  We then created laws to govern how we can use them in mass to find greater freedom of movement.

So it is with the laws of human behavior and decision making process.  We have been given laws to guide our powers of emotion and physical attraction so that all can use them in such a way that each benefits and so does society.

As I look at the country and even the world, the present day attitudes about government's role in general and the morality of our society line up mostly in two categories.

One seeks to establish the family as the framework for society and is grounded on the idea that God has given us a moral code to guide us through life. It teaches that certain bounds and disciplines regarding our personal conduct promote trust in foundational relationships. This in turn strengthens society.  

The other code of conduct is that of moral relativists.  This is people that profess that personal behavior has no bearing on society. They say that any personal choice or amoral conduct should be accepted if there is to be true freedom.  This results in that idea that casual, careless relationships don't hurt anyone.   The fact is, this is the foundation for everything that weakens our society.

Traditions, laws, ethics, codes of conduct all have one of two beginnings. They either began in the mind and will of God and were communicated to man, or in the mind and will of man and self promoted. 

The subject could be simplistic and satisfied by the observation that either God created the world or he didn't. He either said that certain things were wrong or he didn't. The fact is that a certain part of our society chooses not to recognize any moral code of right and wrong as set forth by a higher power.

If there is no God, then there is no eternal code of right and wrong. There is only opinion, likes and dislikes according to every individual's thinking and whims. With that in mind let's look at the ideas of freedom, rights and government and what has developed to the present day.  The founders explained the role of Providence or divine guidance in our free society in many of their writings.  We should pay attention to them.

Protecting society with law and order can best be done by making sure the family is supported and the moral code that protects it is understood and promoted.  The natural family starts with a husband and wife that become a mother and father. Commitment to each other in a nurturing relationship develops into love when they make a private and public covenant to serve each other.

Children come as they naturally develop the mutual attraction and affection for each other.  Witnessed by others they will build society and civilization through the life giving powers that they possess in their union and the desire to teach their offspring correct principles.  This is the life in the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Individually they cannot create life.  How a couple chooses to use that power is the benefit or detriment to society both for creating society and then nurturing the future citizens that the children will become.

When the family is stable from generation to generation then all of its members will be cared for both old and young.  There is less need for government.  The moral code of sexual conduct given by God protects the family.  The code of conduct or moral relativism promotes instability and randomness.

The amoral activists tell us that they will have sex with whomever and whenever they want as if they are the only ones that have discovered it.  Their code says that women are to be used as objects.  For this reason they say they need access to government sponsored abortion and birth control. Such an environment cannot support successful marriage and so divorce abounds.

God's moral code says women are to be served and honored.  Sex is very much apart of the idea that marriage is good.  The fact is when done properly married people probably have more and better sexual relationships than those amoral promoters that obsess with the process in all of its deviant forms.

The moral relativism of our day promotes and supports ideology that allows for the destruction of life and the traditional family.  By ignoring or disavowing God's pattern given for our well being, certain predictable consequences follow with high consistency that cause harm to individuals and society.

The fact is that when two people have a sexual encounter a seed is sown. This doesn't just refer to pregnancy. There is another consequence.  There is either an elevating or degrading of the purpose of the union, and the foundation it is established on.  Those that promote pre-marital sex also promote divorce, distrust, child abuse, rape, abortion and the other social ills which are some of the associated or eventual consequences of such relationships.

If you can think of a social ill that people think government should try and solve, you will find at the root cause an indifference or ignorance of the importance of human intimacy. These are the relationships that form our society. This is where families are formed or broken.

This element of private conduct is something that no one in politics wants to address or discuss.  This is because the moral relativists often create a highly charged a scene when the fallacy of their position is pointed out.  These same people will argue that laws against murder and other actions we consider crimes are necessary but they will decry any attempt at restraining their personal amoral conduct.

When people start to see that the symptoms of this indifference are the underlying cause of most sexual harassment, domestic violence, abortion, rape, incest, child abuse, adultery and other behaviors that destroy family relationships they might listen.

The cost of treating and the lost productivity from sexually transmitted diseases is reported at over 17 billion dollars annually. This does not include treating AIDS patients. Isn't the idea of abortion as a solution to irresponsibility one of the most destructive actions that exists in a civilized nation or world?

The issues that are discussed almost on a daily basis in our society are in reality only the symptoms of the underlying behavioral attitude about the purpose and effect of sexual relationships.

The real problem at the root of these topics is that when the life giving powers and their associated emotional attachments are used outside the bounds of their intended purpose there is a negative consequence to all parties that are involved and possible innocent victims in the future.

The constant use of sexual images in marketing and entertainment does impact society negatively but because it works effectively it is used extensively.  To help our youth develop attitudes that prepare them for satisfying relationships will take a different approach other than legislation to control it. It will take self control and a willingness to refuse those products aimed at sexualizing every aspect of society.

Do people really think that the behaviors most often portrayed in media and movies reflect that best opportunity for happiness and stability in a relationship? Aren't behaviors that lead people to deciding that an abortion is their best option in life a severe form of sexual abuse and degradation of women?

Do liberal activists really think this is the foundational attitude for building a society of trust and compassion? Those that promote sexual promiscuity and encourage the expansion of child protection agencies are contradicting any such principles.

When the powerful emotions associated with intimate human relationships are stressed through ignorance, abuse and selfishness, the individuals involved suffer consequences that we often refer to as a broken heart.

What can often follow is a subsequent hardening or desensitizing of one's emotions as they try to shut off negative emotions and feelings of hurt. Neurologists have demonstrated the nature of the brain in creating emotions from experience and how they wire together in the brain.  Some get through the hurt and others do not. Those that do not often find themselves in many unfortunate situations.  Real lasting intimacy is achieved by preparing for it by not engaging in whimsical relationships focused on lust and pleasure.

Escape mechanisms such as drugs and alcohol might be sought as a form of relief.  Their use often leads to addiction as well as other forms of behavior that have self-destructive potential.  People lose the desire to have families. Other pursuits as well may be undertaken to deal with the emotional deficits that develop. These behaviors contribute to poverty, crime and the other forms of abuse and unhappiness that I have mentioned.

The net effect of not understanding the proper role of human intimacy is that people by the thousands and millions develop attitudes and behaviors that are negative towards stable, balanced relationships that are most suitable to their happiness, forming families and raising children to become another generation of upstanding citizens.

The effect of these instabilities covers the millions in prison whose families failed and the millions that aren't prepared to learn in school and life.  Since we find ourselves in just such a position in society today we can compare the two moral codes and witness their effects.

The idea that government must act to solve the problems of so called less fortunate individuals is a misguided if not corrupt effort to create victims to justify their bureaucratic role.  These people are not just victims of crime, but of society at large because of their inability to cope with it.

Enough people whose plight is so severe that they are told that only a select group of individuals (politicians) armed with the the power of legislation and the bureaucratic healing powers they possess can help them. We should ask: When does a person assume responsibility for their own life no matter what they face.

Expanding government and treating only the symptoms of social and moral decay with more prisons, regulations and agencies will eventually bankrupt us. This is the path that our politicians have put us on at the present time.

This has been preceded by generations of social misunderstanding in not recognizing the moral code given by God that protects the ideals of family life.  The code of misconduct fomented by moral relativists is causing much poverty, disregard for law and suffering in our society and resulting in the expanding role of government.

These ignorant politicians have yet to demonstrate the ability to solve any of the mentioned problems in society.  Why?  Because only one thing will change them. A self imposed change in behavior. This requires discipline and this can only be done by learning a correct principle and choosing to follow it. These attitudes are best learned by example in a stable home environment.

Government programs promoted under the guise of charity, to care for the poor and needy without concern for the cause of their poverty only amplifies it. 

The vast majority of the laws, regulations, entitlements, administrations or buildings established by government over the last century to help someone in their misfortune have only served to make sure that others follow in their path.  Thus assuring that the bureaucrat continues to serve and government continues to grow. In this manner the breakdown of the family is supported by the misguided politicians and their administrators that run our government.

Changing these attitudes and ideologies are the challenges we face and changes we must undertake.  John Adams knew what he was talking about when he stated that,"our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

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