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Individual Rights, Liberty and Inalienable Rights

Government is the power given to a group or individual to act on the behalf of its citizens.  It is the people employing representatives and others to carry out their wishes.   As soon as the people stop paying attention to what their representatives are doing they will begin to lose their freedom and their rights.  That is the natural progression of human nature and freedom.  This is what the founding fathers sought to stop with the Constitution and the recognition and need to preserve our unalienable rights as expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

Oppression and tyranny has been the direction of almost any government or kingdom for the fact that there will always be those that seek for power and authority over their fellow citizens.  To think that the founders of this nation came together at all in the period that they did and established a form of government that has withstood the internal attacks on freedom longer than any existing constitution at the present time is considerable.

We currently find ourselves in a state quite contrary to what they envisioned.  We live with a state controlled economy with regulation, taxes, and economic controls set by a central bank and politicians.   The free market based on natural laws of supply and demand and voluntary service to humanity would serve us much better.  We hardly notice our problems until they become so severe that we wake up enough to begin looking again at the principles which must be maintained if we are to have freedom and individual liberty.

Law should only exist to protect naturally existing individual rights.  That is to keep those that would hinder another's pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  Government exists to protect the freedom of religion.  This protects the moral code that protects our society.  When politicians seek to remove religious symbolism from public places they are misunderstanding their role and the role of religious teaching in our society.   

Some think rights come from government.  Not under the American system established by our founders. They come from God and this understanding is key to our freedom.  The giving and taking of rights by government is secondary to protecting those sacred and undeniable rights every human has from their creator.  If this role gets reversed then we are on the decline headed towards monarchy or tyranny.

The government can only do that which another citizen can do in the process of defending their rights should no government exist.  By transferring that authority politicians gain traction and steal freedom little by little.  It may hardly be noticed until a future day when a comparison is made of what should have been a free society had individual liberties been protected.

When government officials seek to absolve discrepancies that they perceive as unfair or unjust then the road to corruption opens to unproven solutions based on nothing more than whim or prejudice. Taxes are raised to support a bureaucracy of increasing inefficiency.

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