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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Freedom in America

Our freedoms are rooted in the values of family life. The generational commitments to being good citizens are taught at home. Do we want leaders that preserve them or not?

Trump may not represent the moral high ground but he isn't trying to tear it down or remove it as part of his platform. It is easy to mark a public figure at their worst and hold it over their head and some fanatics will. Trump's lewd confessions and infidelities are not excusable but they are forgivable if he has changed. To not vote for him will give Hillary dynamite and a bulldozer get rid of moral ground altogether. 

The Clinton agenda and platform can't be built on such grounds and the eventual removal of anything with the word moral in it is their objective. There are those that judge religious liberty as a hindrance to their agenda and Hillary is their representative.

Where do the values of leaders like Hillary and Bill Clinton and many others come from? Who are the cultural trendsetters that have fomented the idea that a person is fit for the presidency while being openly unfaithful to their spouse? What does it say about our culture to proceed to elect such a person to be a leader?

Their values reflect the whimsical fallacies, fantasies and philosophies of men and women like Margaret Sanger, Hugh Hefner, Dr. Ruth, Howard Stern, Bob Guccione and bastions of entertainers that act them out on the big and small screens. These exemplify their moral values. Their political values come from others just as damaging to freedom.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood proposed to do away with poverty through sterilization and abortion. She is one of Hillary's heroes.

Sanger's vision, 100 years running is one that Hillary passionately pursues and believes in. It has done nothing to reduce poverty with some 60 million abortions in the USA since the mid 70's. This isn't about women's health. It has become a form of birth control because of the unpopularity of self-control.

The narrative of sex that the Clintons and its other advocates use has induced a generation or more to objectify both sex and women. While Trump has obviously been part of that crowd he doesn't promote the platform that has incorporated them. Hillary hypocritically decries the objectification of women and yet her very values have made her pretentious crusade plausible. She claims to defend women's rights on one hand and demeans womanhood on the other.

Bill Clinton has served as a proverbial role model of such behaviors, and he was elected president of the nation. This kind of leadership is not the solution, it is the problem.

I remember the “Make love not war” mantra of my youth. And...the result.  A war on the unborn with 60 million casualties in the USA alone. The liberal Clintonian spin says guns and bullets need to be controlled but give abortion doctors a full magazine of killing instruments because sex is harmless.

They veil their arguments in vague references to protecting choice or a freedom. It may be the only area where they seem concerned about your freedom as they take it away in so many other areas.

Religious freedom that might invite people to consider some moral ideals for real sexual freedom, freedom from broken hearts and lives. This cannot be tolerated by the liberal platform and its narrative. Hillary Clinton is the spokesperson for the platform and drives the narrative. She wants us to think that equality is measured by government statistics and growing welfare rolls, not human opportunity and productive service. Her politics are grounded in using government as force.

The dialogue of bloggers and politicians like Hillary Clinton echos with words like, choice, women's health, reproductive rights, human rights and other freedom sounding phrases. They want us to believe that they are protecting women and children. This is just a clever fallacy and they demonize those that point this out. This philosophy fabricates the illusion that government can do something to solve societal breakdown and it can't.

We are becoming, if not already, a nation of hypocrites in that we say we want peace, yet elect politicians that have declared war on the values of family solidarity.  They say they want peace but promote a gender war, a battle of the sexes.

The only way to have peace based in love in this world is to have peace at home. The only way to have it at home is to have trust in relationships that create life and nurture it. Abortion is not the result of loving and nurturing relationships.

Abortion isn't the problem though, it is a symptom of the problem along with many others that establish attitudes that disregard the importance of respect and trust in human interpersonal and intimate relationships.

Transcendent living in family life, achieving the American dream of freedom of opportunity will be more likely under Trump. America can be great again by regaining and adhering to principles of successful living, family solidarity and a government that promotes it. I think Trump really does love his country. Clinton's known policies and aura of dishonesty give reason to doubt her commitment to preserving freedom in America.

What we really need and should want is the ability for average Americans to provide for their families in a secure environment and knowing our labors won’t be swindled away by scheming politicians.

We know Hillary is a lifetime and aspiring politician, Donald Trump knows how they work. He is the most reasonable choice for freedom in America at this point to stop out of control government and the eroding of fundamental values of liberty.

I am voting for freedom and the conscience of America. I am not a Republican. A third party vote will only feed the fallacy that your are doing something positive and perhaps voting the proverbial conscience. Such is a vote against freedom in this election.

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