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The Law of the Harvest-Freedom and Behavior

The Law of the Harvest-Freedom and Behavior

When we make a good choice over a bad one or a better one over a good one we elevate our character to a higher level.    Think of what the "Law of the Harvest" means if we think of our choices as seeds of our present and future.   

We have been placed in an environment (this earth) where we are agents of behavior. We are each a seed of potential eternal increase.  God has planted us in the earth.   The law says that a seed will produce indefinitely as its seeds are harvested and replanted.  A seed does not produce another single seed when planted.  It produces a plant which in turn produces a field of plants itself.  

We are constantly choosing between opposing behaviors which are successively better or worse. This freedom or agency as we might call it is comparable to the concept of an agent in sports.  A free agent is a player that does not have a contract.  He can negotiate and choose a team that will hire him.  Once he has signed a contract he is legally obligated to act a certain way.  He may also have an agent that helps him negotiate his contract.  This agent is usually experienced in the legalities and finer points of contracts.  

God has given us freedom to act as our own agents by making choices in our lives.  He has given us an opportunity to know some of the finer points of acceptable behavior for getting along well in a society of many individuals.  This is his law or contract.  There are rewards for following it and penalties for violating it.  He doesn't however reward or punish us immediately for either, less we stop choosing on our own.  Good should feel right on its own merit and evil should feel wrong on its selection according to the dictates of our conscience.  How we refine that conscience is also our choice.  The final punishment or reward is a delayed process thus giving us time to change if we choose.  This is how we gain experience without force.

We also have the choice to ignore how we feel and keep making the less desirable choice that continues a bad behavior until it becomes habitual and then controls us as an addiction.   Good choices also ingrain themselves into habits and develop our character.  
This is the line politicians have obscured by assuming authority that they don't have. They have become the infringer and continue to act against freedom because no one has checked their behavior except for random efforts by patriotic citizens that recognized it and have tried to warn us.  No matter how you frame the discussion the question always becomes whether we will control ourselves or if someone else will control us.

Freedom has allowed our freedom to be taken.  We are checking those that want to do it and they are screaming about it. So too are those that have used politicians to seek and gain their own personal objectives through the legislative process that can turn good citizens in to criminals and vice-versa.

The grand anomaly of life is how we can develop into one of two opposing natures.  One seeks order and fulfillment through compliance with God, even though not every step is understood. This is faith that moves to spiritual development.  Another ignores godly direction and chooses to seek fulfillment in in undisciplined ways that may injure others.  

In all of our efforts to build meaningful relationships that contribute to the success of our society we recognize the role of tolerance but not at the expense of principle.  The joining of the sexes can either build society or destroy it.  For example abstaining from sexual intimacy before marriage helps keep adultery as less of a temptation after marriage.  Adultery ruins families and divorce negatively affects the self esteem of children, even that of adult children.   Broken families are rampant in our society and the effects are evident.
Forgiveness is one of the supreme elements of the Love our God feels for us.  Life in a fallen world gives us much opportunity to practice this virtue which is supreme among virtues.  It is perhaps the ultimate of all good behaviors that extend forth from perfect love.  We ourselves should repent and then seek forgiveness.  Many today refuse to forgive those that offend them, even acting in revengeful ways.  This is the cause of much abuse of children and domestic violence.

Choosing forgiveness above the degrading feelings we might have for those that offend us takes discipline and humility.  These too are virtues we must choose for developing the good in our character.  They cannot be legislated but the opposite often is, as misguided policies are formed and government bureaucracies are created in the name of the children affected by broken families.  While the intent may be good, these policies institutionalize and support family break up and in turn reduce the self reliance of individuals.

We then come to those choices where seemingly only two consenting adults are concerned.  Who do these choices affect?  They actually affect everyone that knows the two people.  Multiply that by the number of people that think and act in this manner privately and in their self-interest and you have a large population affected by their behavior.   

There are currently many philosophies that are anti-life and would effectively stop creation in the world if they were adhered to by all.   How is it that those that have been given life now see no need to extend the same to others and demand that it be accepted through legislative force?  Indeed they want to kill the harvest by eliminating the seeds.

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