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Politics and the corruption of our government

Many point to the corporate world and the occasional tycoons that manifest greedy and corrupt behavior.  There also exist the unknown numbers of people that steal from the companies they work for.  There are plenty of examples of people taking advantage of others in many unethical and dishonest ways.  Sometimes they are not found out right away but they do usually get caught.  At the same time I don't think it would be reasonable to say that 100 percent of crooked businessmen are caught 100 percent of the time.   

The United States government is also subject to the follies of the humans that get elected and the appointments and hirings that result in the course of expanding it. In fact one of the main purposes of the constitution was to limit the ability of these people to take away our freedom by expanding their desire for power through government. Looking at the current state of affairs and looking over the past 10 decades of operation we see a pattern of corruption that would not be tolerated by individuals in society or in the business world. The fact that much of it is done in open operation is what is most alarming.  The citizens have failed to stop them.

The number of individuals that have occupied high office in the USA over the years is still relatively small when compared to the population that they represent. This group that constitutes the whole of past and present politicians has managed to create and maintain a system that they have used to create a condition in our country that allows them to legally steal from society.  By legally steal I mean they passed laws to allow them to do things that citizens cannot do to each other without penalty of breaking the law. They have neither safe guarded freedom or practices of prudent operation that would keep us at the forefront of leadership in the world.

The current amount of the national debt is the result of corruption pure and simple.  It is a corrupt ideology that Republicans and Democrats alike use to further their political by providing benefits now on the backs of future taxpayers.  Some of the blame falls on the citizens as well for failing to recognize what is going on.  They asked for things or bought into the false security offered by promises of the politicians.  Now facing the due date and the fact that they refuse to make the adjustments necessary to stop expanding it confirm their warped sense of position as elected officials.   At least some people seem to be waking up to what has been going on.  Now we have some possibility of doing something about it.

The corruption of governing by spending money they didn't have was to provide things usually outside the scope of the enumerated powers in the constitution and not raise taxes to do it.  When considering debt as a method of obtaining something, people and politicians are blinded by the temporary accomplishment of obtaining something they could not afford. Of course these politicians knew that they themselves would never have to pay the debt.  The lack of sound financial management went by the wayside not to be found again as the machinery of government expanded into ever more areas where it did not belong and doing things it had no business doing. 

Take the present day income tax.  It is not a voluntary payment.  It is required that you pay it.  If not the threat of force looms over your life if the taxing authority discovers that you have not paid it.  The EPA and other agencies have similar authority.  Complaints can be made against an individual and the full force of the government resources and legal system may be used against them.  The individual is left to defend himself with only his limited resources if he has any at all.  A plaintiff can claim discrimination and their claim will be pursued with government backing.  The defendant will only have his own resources.

Why do these government agencies exist.  It is not to carry out the wishes of the people or to protect unalienable rights.  The agency has taken on a life of its own.  The agency has its own will and can pursue which ever course of action against whoever it can pin wrong doing on according to its statutes.   They act as judge, jury and executioner.   Anyone can be singled out at any time.  Our legal codes and regulations are so extensive that no person is safely able to abide them all.

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