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Private life, Public Life and Moral Integrity

Talk show hosts and pundits are mocking Anthony Weiner, His actions are not the problem with politicians or others in the world today. They are a symptom of the problem. There is no doubt that the man is obsessed with sex and without knowing all of the details probably addicted to pornography. It is a very sad situation.

The basis for our freedom is our ability to govern ourselves, not the laws that we create to remove from society those that refuse to do so. This is the basis of our constitution. 

Self government begins at home in the most fundamental of commitments, marriage and family life. It comes from having a set of spiritual principles that dictate ones behavior when no one else is watching. If one can't be true to these they should not be public officials.  They have no ability to lead to anything worthwhile.

When a person loses their moral integrity and operates on such a standard they indeed become dangerous in some aspects. If they hold a position of power or authority where they are allowed and expected to act in the best interest of other people their influence on innocent minds can be very detrimental.  

The type of behavior we have witnessed in this incident exists in excess in our society. Many public officials operate on the fallacy that they can separate their public life from their private life. Unfortunately many citizens also buy into it and elect them. The fact is that they are one and the same. There is no separating a persons actions from who they are no matter where they are. 

For that reason I personally would never vote for person for high offices that was not absolutely faithful in their thoughts and actions toward their spouse.  A married person with a long history of commitment to their family that understands how family life is affected by any legislative action would be the best candidate. 

The pursuit of life as mentioned the Declaration of Independence begins with the family. Only after that do the pursuit of liberty and happiness follow. Life must come first.

All people will make mistakes and this is why no individual or group should be mocked when they do. We just need to recognize that they may not fit for public service if their behaviors have not changed course. 

The loss of moral integrity is in my opinion one of the greatest losses an individual or a society can face. There is no integrity at all without it, moral or otherwise. After all what is integrity? It is being true to who we should be and an unwavering standard of truth and the principles that uphold it. It comes from only one spiritual source. 

To act outside of these principles is to put freedom at risk. Only truth can make us free. Free from consequences of error, fallacy and outright falsehoods.

When this foundation of family integrity is cracked or otherwise eroding, society will find itself with ever increasing government entitlements, laws, police, prisons and regulation to try and make up for the lack of individual and family integrity that should be guiding every person. 

These are all based on the fallacy that if the government doesn't do it, it won't get done. It is in this situation that the people making the laws are also usually corrupt in their personal philosophy and think that the solution to this problem is more laws.

When politicians, public officials and judges formulate policies and laws that undermine individual and family integrity they contribute to the the erosion of freedom. Degree by degree, tax upon tax, laws and regulations are placed to deal with dishonesty, corruption and a general lack of respect for others that all come from failing to learn principles of proper behavior with sufficient efficacy to have them become part of a person's character.

This egregious and public display of this former congressman's lewdness is a symptom of the problem that pervades in our society. A large part of the solution lies in electing people that so far as we can determine have moral integrity and virtue as the foundation of their character.

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