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Decisions Determine Destiny-The Laws of the Harvest

Posted by Charlie Brown

Do decisions determine destiny or is life nothing but a mystical fate?   Is there a law of the harvest or are some just lucky?  Can a person really control their own destiny?

Without a commitment to learn, or a decision to learn, very few other advantages in life can be offered.  Hard work is important and leads to many good things, but as a young person seeking to magnify opportunity in life the first is to start learning and never stop.

The subjective nature of success and the vast panorama of opportunities that life offers should be broad enough that every person can find a sense of fulfillment.   Happiness and joy are the result of congruent living.  Congruent with what is the question?

Life presents us with a virtually endless array of possibilities and outcomes.  Yes, some have to do with circumstance but most have to do with the knowledge that is presented to us or that we seek out once we understand that we can learn almost anything.

This mortal life is a seemingly small thing.  We come and we go by the billions every 100 years. Because the process is so smooth we hardly pay attention to the turn over unless it is one of our own or someone close to us.  Even so it must be extremely important in the purposes of our creator otherwise why wouldn't He just skip over it?

This mortal life and the fact that it takes place on a planet in an infinite cosmos would seem to indicate that it was set up as a learning experience.  To gain experience, to carry on and perpetuate this pattern of existence requires several things all of which seem quite obvious, yet so many would seem to debate them as if they were in fact debatable.

There is a definite beginning to life as we know it and a definite end.  Thinking of Covey's statement to "begin with the end in mind" would indicate that once we become aware of the fact that we are and can begin to see the guiding force of our decisions we can direct them to accomplish thoughts and ambitions that pass through our conscience mind.  

We establish some purpose of survival and growth pursuant to our circumstances and any new information that comes to us as we move about our environment.

The process of time while not in our favor, still offers a district opportunity for self improvement. Patterns appear in our lives based on the directives we allow our minds to dwell on, otherwise we drift in a current of constant change with no apparent destination other than the end of life.

We can set a course for a day, a week, a month, a year and a life.   Much will change in every instance yet we will ultimately reach a destination either very close to what we desired or even on or beyond the mark.  

The question of how we develop the simple things in life that grow into greatness over time is the miracle of life's opportunity.   Watch a baby learn to crawl, walk, run, talk and we see something of the pattern.  

Knowledge compounds if we will let it.  Most however succumb to drifting tendencies and let the challenges of life stop them in their development.

There is as much opposition as there is opportunity because every opportunity is only possible because of the opposition that makes it so.  It is called life.  

A baby will only lay on its back if its muscles don't work. Many great minds have been locked in bodies that didn't function to their normal capacities.  We would also suppose that many great minds were locked in brains that for some reason didn't allow them to use it.  Likewise many have the potential and are locked by addiction and mediocre desire.

Much opposition doesn't seem to have a reasonable explanation, yet without them life would not be a real testing ground for our will.   If everything responded to us in an instant, life would be bland and inconsequential.

The point of life is that purpose can only be developed and understood when the truths that govern before birth and after death are understood.  

The plan of life is eternal, not temporary.  Our true self is our eternal self.  Congruency of our actions must reconcile to it for real lasting joy and happiness otherwise we will consistently live short of our potential.   The power of our spirit and the capacity that it holds are created of divine DNA if we think of being related to our creator.

Each person determines the areas of life that they would pursue success in this life.   If life is a foretaste of the opportunity that exists eternally we should pursue that knowledge and the process of revelation that leads to it with greater zeal rather than remain ignorant of its existence. The two together blend as the perfect plan of personal development and it doesn't end at death.

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