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Freedom's Foundation and the Family

The existence of freedom is dependent on the ability to perpetuate its ideals so that they are taught and remembered from generation to generation.  The idea that freedom rests on natural law cannot be ignored.  

The Declaration of Independence refers to the existence of natural law and this observation developed from influential thinkers prior to its writing.  All government must be based on certain principles imbedded in the nature of man's existence.  The most natural of all institutions is the Family.  Without the ability to govern and learn principles of truth and see them modeled in the home and family unit, the door to unlimited government opens to swallow the void as dysfunctional attributes and moral loss expand in society.

Failing to implement in the homes and families of a society those ideals and principles for peace and prosperity will render a society subject to the whims of politicians and the amorality and the whims and opinions of whoever speaks loudly and often.  While stating as their ambition the attainment of peace and order these politicians and activists will use the societal disruption resulting from family dysfunction as a means for justifying their power and need for governance.

Even tyrants use the guise of goodness, protecting and educating children with their rhetoric in order to attain the stated goal of peace and order in society.  By suppressing the ingenuity and ambition of the people what they actually perpetuate is ignorance and dependence.

Freedom cannot be suppressed indefinitely.  In the annals of history we see that individuals, then groups of individuals demonstrate the fire of freedom and are willing to make a sacrifice to protect it or seek for a resurgence if lost.   Untold numbers of people have died at the hand of tyrants.

The basis of freedom loving people is the respect and love for God. The most corrupt of politicians proclaims "God bless America". When a society loses that respect and love and in turn for each other they decline in freedom as they find increasingly more difficult to restrain those masses that will not restrain themselves. Losing their faith and virtue they pursue pleasure, vice and corruption that is counter to family unity. The spiral of decline will reach a point where force and enforcement are necessary to maintain order, yet peace will not be achieved.  

Peace becomes elusive because the pressure of enforcement is constant and unrelenting. The next outbreak of violence is unpredictable and therefore a bane in society and to those that would govern to stop it.  Ignoring as I mentioned the ideals of morality and virtue as the necessary path to peace, a society will become less stable as families fall apart.  These pillars, virtue and faith, as they have been called cannot be removed without the building falling down. 

The only sure way to achieve peace in the world is through the family, supported by the values that foster life through voluntary moral restraint, with marriage as a foundation.  Any other institution grounded in force will never attain it. Social scientists and misguided proponents of government programs dealing with the fallout of dysfunctional families only end up institutionalizing the dysfunctions.

Broken homes, battered spouses, abused children, rape, abortion and children born out of wedlock are all symptoms of a society that disrespects the powers of procreation.  Then there is the matter of billions upon billions of dollars spent treating sexually transmitted diseases. Accounting for the lost productivity in society would be extremely difficult to calculate. 

The self deception that there are no consequences to sexual relationships outside of marriage is exacting its toll.  The moral abandon leads to broken hearts. Individuals turn to substance use that often leads to abuse to deal with the emotional distress. The emotions and power associated with the sexual union cannot be trifled with or abused without negative consequences in the lives of individuals and society.

The bonds that create life and bind us together are flexible but not unbreakable. The relationships that unite us are deeply connected to the attractions and actions that create life. Whether respected for their power or abused for their pleasure the inevitable consequence follows.  Roots driven deep by love in marriage and family ties bring stability while uncommitted, careless relationships built on random or selfish pursuits lead to instability and insecurity. 

Freedom starts and ends in the family.  This is self government and the real pursuit of happiness.  Truth about the nature of this basic organization cannot be ignored. Life, Liberty and Happiness can only be obtained only on a foundation of love and self restraint.

Peace and freedom cannot be obtained on a foundation of  living for selfishness and random sexual pursuits, premarital or extra marital.   Children thrive on the love of their parents love, trust and happiness. Children lose hope when they see their parent's relationship decline from infidelity and selfishness and the often resultant abuse of drugs and alcohol. 

For better or worse the example for living is set by parents that are committed in marriage or living in random uncommitted pursuits. Fortunately many good examples also call to those that have lived with poor examples.  

The common sense  intelligence of a searching soul can can discern the difference and start anew the chain of right living in spite of what went on before them. That is why there will always be hope for freedom, and peace is still attainable not withstanding the misguided pursuits of the masses.  

Peace comes from God and he will give it to those that follow the principles of personal peace. This in turn gives us freedom from the burden of negative consequences that are the natural result of not following the God given path.

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